Filler Again

HOLY SHIT!! Sorry for the lack of an update a week ago chums, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. I was in bed all the time because I got struck by this superpowerful, infernal, alien infection that pretty much knocked me out since Friday. The upcoming strip was almost ready to be posted but HOT DAMN I couldn’t even come near the computer. I had fever for 5 days in a row. Five. Fucking. Days. With fever. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS LIKE? No you don’t because you’re stupid.

And of course I was taking meds. I was taking 2 different antibiotics, antipyretics, stuff for the coughing, etc. etc. Only now is the infection giving in.

So, after my THRILLING TIME i’m finally posting something to let you guise know that I’m alive and that 4CC is still alive and that the LHC hasn’t sucked me yet.

Oh yeah, that’s me c:. Pure hotness innit? Don’t worry ladies, that drool on your blouses is the normal effect I have. And guys, yeah, you’re gay now.

See ya later guise

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  1. Fito

    excusas, excusas, ya nada mas porque obama es presidente los negros creen que se acabó la esclavitud…

  2. Claw

    Mejorate ia ):
    Tk (:

  3. Rioty

    hee hee glad to hear your feelintg better

  4. Dragon_Paragon

    I threw up a little bit in the back of my throat D:

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