Refuge Of The Roads

So, some of you may have noticed that I changed the update …date to Saturdays, that’s because Thursdays were a bit awkward to update. I WON’T GIVE ANY OTHER EXPLANATIONS.

So yeah, my brother’s here and we’re gonna play some good ol’ Smash Bros (OH you remember the one for N64? Those were the freaking good times people, not when it was all high definition and shit. I LIKE THEM POLYGONS), so I’ll see you guys next Saturday. It has been a pretty uneventful week so appart from the update change there’s nothing else to talk about really.

See you, sissies! 8D

Song of the week: Metric – Twilight Galaxy (from their forthcoming release 8D!!)

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  1. Sara

    I beg you a pardon, kind sir!?

  2. Kael

    *drops monocle

  3. Zeo

    Bah, shitty polygons XD YOU CAN’T CLING TO THE PAST!!!

  4. Fito

    tuailai galatsi suena como a crossover de nintendo **hard on**

    **BIG HARD ON ** (on a tiny penis)

  5. Fito

    saturday fue ayer **toti feis**

  6. bahzero99

    Y que este comentario llega una semana atrazado c:

  7. Dragon_Paragon

    That fighting polygon team was vicious! It was impossible to differentiate between polygon kirby and polygon Jigglypuff.

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