Sexy Little Girl Princess

Alright! It’s 11 pm but WHO CARES?! It’s still Saturday 😀 and as promised, here you have the actual strip for this week, which is also the last strip of the year!
I was experimenting with the dialogue boxes like that guy whose name I forgot does in Fanboys Online, but I don’t think I like the result. It saves space but it’s slower and it doesn’t look as pretty. What do you guys think? YAY OR NAY?

Song of the week: Akira Yamaoka – “Letter- from the old days”

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  1. Wojtek


    Oh, and I prefer the old boxes. I’m a traditionalist, you see.

  2. KoalaExe

    Depende de qué quieras… que se vea más limpio o más rough? XD
    Las dos me gustan formas me gustan jeje… pero las otras se ven más limpias.

  3. Kael

    La verdad no creo que quede con tu estilo, su tu linea fuera mas sketchy te lo aceptaba, pero la verdad no.

    Feliz año nuevo señor! Por cierto, voy a para la proxima TNT por si quiere que pase a saludarlo.

  4. Pongie

    NAAAAY =)

  5. bahzero99

    La cara del principio, toda SRS BSNS, es genial.

  6. Dragon_Paragon

    MERRY KWANNUKAHMAS! Anyway, I like the old one better. This one isn’t as good at deflecting solar radiation.

    Also, it scares the trout away.

  7. Beto

    Definitivamente me gustan mas los globos anteriores.

    Also, cocks. D:

  8. Estivalia


  9. Fern

    Maybe it looks so bad because of my terrible handwriting XD

  10. Dragon_Paragon

    No, it’s the high tin content.

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