Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! I managed to pull this off before Christmas. Dammit, we’ve been up for three weeks and we already have a filler, haha. I’ll have the ACTUAL strip up by Saturday or Sunday, PROMISE!

Now I’m off to get some sleep because I won’t be able to get any tomorrow at night, wanna know why? Because I’ll freaking STUFF MYSELF TO DEATH.

Oh by the way! This filler is also available in a variety of WALLPAPERS right in our extras section!

Take care, you bunch, have a nice time with your families and eat like maniacs. Happy holidays everybody!

Song of the week: Akira Yamaoka – “Letter- from the old days” (you know which one).

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  1. Zeo


  2. Wojtek


  3. Sara

    Awesome comic, prince. ^_^

  4. Kael

    Feliz dia de las madres :3 ah no, verdad o.o

    Y que haya mucho más 4CC el proximo año!

  5. Dragon_Paragon

    I ate my family.

    Of maniacs.

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