Blue Boy

Second :D. EXPLANATIONS BEGIN UNRAVELLING and I hope the origin of Cethir is getting kinda clearer. Also, a cookie goes to the first one to tell me where the title comes from!

Song of the Week: Kate Bush – “Mother Stands for Comfort”

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  1. Zeo

    Lau ftvv XD

  2. Kael

    Ah si, esas cosas cerebarlaes echan chispas, si mal no recuerdo.

    Y ni idea sobre cethir, solo se que es gaelico.

  3. Sex Fiend


  4. Perrajo


    la tipa esa en serio da miedo xD

  5. bahzero99

    Sale del techo -whyme-

  6. Beto

    sigo sin entender nada, pero es gracioso XD

  7. Dragon_Paragon

    Hm. This is CLEARLY a case of electrokinesis, caused by the mix of gamma brain waves from Cambel and the ambient awesomeness floating around Seth. Either that, or Cambel has a giant Tezla coil somewhere in his apartment, but it’s always just slightly out of the panel so we never see it.

    Probably that second one, actually.

  8. Dragon_Paragon


    ….Does the title come from Mega Man? He’s blue! And a boy! And blue!

  9. Fern

    What? XD No, it doesn’t come from Mega Man.


  10. Dragon_Paragon

    Um….! BEER AND HOCKEY! There is a beer and Hockey team named the Blue Boys!

  11. Pepe

    Para la elfa la gravedad es solo una recomendacion

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