Intro – Part 3

Third installment of the intro. BE PATIENT, PEOPLE, WE’RE ALMOST THERE.

I loved doing these, drawing the characters for the “first time” feels so good. And worry not, all the psychedelic backgrounds and the nonsense will be explained with time, obvs.

I’m hoping I can get more site extras tomorrow as well.

Song of the week: Róisín Murphy – “Ramalama (Bang Bang)”

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  1. Dragon_Paragon

    Yeah, so, I read the three panels, and I am hardcore in love with this comic. I want to take this webcomic up in my arms and run away with it, to the Ozarks, where we can have a small cottage and laugh and prance playfully in the fields, until the webcomic decides it wants to visit its family and I tell it it can’t ever leave me because I would miss it so, and then it insists, and I get forceful, and in the end I’m forced to end up killing the webcomic and talking to the body, which I set up in an armchair so I can gaze lovingly at it and hug it. It won’t ever leave me!

  2. bahzero99

    I blame acid for that background…

  3. Perrajo

    cómo demonios hiciste ese fondo owo

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