Intro – Part 2

Second part of the intro (no shit). WHO MIGHT THIS CHARACTER BE? INTERROGANTS RISE. We all know he appears in every promo pic, though, so he must be pretty important. Oh well, we also know he dies in the end!

What? You didn’t know that? Oops…

Oh by the way, I have this music-nerd mode to me thanks to some of my pals (and by that I mean one) who reside in Northern Europe, so I’ll have this little thing called “Song of the week” with every post.

The song of our first week is “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” by Róisín Murphy. Gay music? Totally, but it’s catchy nonetheless.

See you tomorrow, space cowboys!

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  1. Estivalia

    Ok pero… me matan todas las expresiones de Cambel xD

  2. KoalaExe

    AHAHAHAHAHAA Ahora entiendo porqué quería matar al cartero en el primero xDDDDDD

  3. Zeo

    jajajajaja XD yo amo a Cambel omg’

  4. Fito

    Omg… Mancha hepática, mancha hepática, mancha hepática… EN EL CACHETE WAAAA’

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