Lets Get Out

Sooooo, hi guys.

Hehe, oh man, this is gonna be such a long blog post!!

Okay, it’s been 2 months since the last update, and guess what, these two months have been…tumultous, to say the least. Two major things happened. First of all, Gil finally got a job! YAY! He’s doing some computery shit at some computery place and stuff, you know, the stuff nerds like him do C:
And the second thing is…well, I changed my job!! And quite a change it was. I went from giving customer service for people who had Comcast in Chicago to working as an illustrator in a Mexico-based studio that’s doing stuff mainly for companies in the US. We do comics and pin ups and, well, we do a lot of stuff, hahahaha. UNFORTUNATELY, the studio (and my old translating job) take up a lot of my awake time, so I haven’t really been able to focus back on the old things, like 4CC.
A couple days ago I was thinking about 4CC, and started reading the archive from beginning to end. After being done, I thought “What the hell?”, and this strip came out.

I really missed these guys ;_;.

I’m rusty with the characters, I can’t say it was too easy ahahaha, I’ve been drawing realistic shit and stuff for the studio, so going back to CARTOONY and trying to keep the characters looking like themselves was a bit of a challenge. BUT NOTHING I WASN’T ABLE TO OVERCOME.

I think.

SO ANYWAYS!! I’m rewriting the original scripts to keep me excited about 4CC, I even started drawing random panels for future strips, so, while I’m not entirely sure how long it will be before the next strip, at least I’m promising it will be here soon C: It all depends on how much free time I’m left with Dx.

Soooo, in the end, I’m still here, 4CC is not dead, and I’m SO surprised that I actually keep getting readers even during the hiatus. Seriously, you guys are the best. I don’t want to disappoint :C, although it’s probably a little late for that, hahahaha.
Oh, this arc will go back to being funny soon, I promise :’D.
Okay, that’s a lie.

Song of the year week: The Final Decision We All Must Take

Hi folks! Gil here, Fern just sent me a text message saying he won’t be able to update the contest winner until he gets a steady internet connection, what a way to create suspense! Ujntil then I’ll leave you with THIS:

The first computer-generated animation ever, made by some ruskie!

… I need to sleep, see you later people

So, not much of you bastards read or even noticed Tonchi’s post last week concerning the lack of an update. And probably none of you is going to notice this one either. BUT ANYWAYS, I’m back home, which means more updates are coming! I’ll probz have the newest comic by tomorrow evening, I’m already working on it.

Give me a break, I got home yesterday and was pretty freaking tired.

So anyways, just posting to let you people know that I’m alive and my first trip by plane was AWE-SOME! I had shitloads of fun with my pals, and no, I didn’t miss any of you 8D. See you with tomorrow’s update! I don’t really have any relevant news…only Ute Lemper is going to be playing live at Guadalajara and I won’t be able to go because I’m pennyless as off now :C

Oh, I also played Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World with the guys during my vacation. It was funnn considering it’s the first Tales game I play XD DON’T KILL ME, but story-wise it was pretty bad. Like…really bad. The bright side is that the multi-player option is pretty good, but only if you have like…2 people playing because the older characters (the ones from the first game) come and go and leave the party like they got paid for it. So yeah…it’s pretty lame, but it was still fun! Though I guess if you want that kind of multi-player RPGs you could just go and get other games in the Tales series, so never mind.

Hi, I’m Tonchi, the webmaster of the site and I was supposed to write a post about the absence of today’s comic, according to my sources (Fernando himself) it is because of a hardware problem with the Wacom…  but I’m not sure, there is something about the way he told me that sounded kinda fishy, I guess there must be another reason… but who knows?

Song of The Week: Clan of Xymox – “Be My Friend”

So yeah, I sort of forgot to post something New Year related here (or anywhere else for that matter), so…uh…HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEOPLE!

It’s actually exciting to start a year with 4our-Calendar Cafe so young, and one of my resolutions is to miss no more than one update per month, of course only missing them when necessary. I really hope I can do that XD. Other resolutions include starting college, drawing more traditional shit, and filming more housemade porn flicks.

Have a happy new year, guys! I hope all your dreams come true and your resolutions are fulfilled. If not, then you suck : D. I also hope you all spend this whole year with us, because we’ll be here all the time!

So, our awesome webmaster, Tonchi (who is like the best webmaster in the world because I say so), has helped me get other parts of the site up because I’m retarded and can’t do it myself. Seriously though, I’m completely stupid when it comes to internet pages, I literally know NOTHING about all that. If it wasn’t for him I would have never managed to get 4our-Calendar Cafe up and running.

So! We have some wallpapers I’ve done over the course of these months in the Extras section, and a page with my e-mail and some words from yours truly in the Contact section. Appart from that, we have an Archive now! YAY!

I’ve never really had a blog to write about stuff before, so I don’t know what else to write. I guess I’ll just finish here. Take care, space cowgirls. See you next Thursday!